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Q. What are the factors affecting the cost?

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

A. The factors affecting the cost are various such as

- area size (square metre),

- materials costs,

- methods of installation (Floating or Direct stick),

- number of steps,

- skirting boards,

- removal of the existing floors (tiles, carpets, laminates or timbers)

- and subfloor preparation (grinding, levelling or screeding).

Some of the services like subfloor preparations and removals are required depending on the condition whereas skirting boards are provided upon request.

It would be a great start to check a ballpark figure if you know the approximate area size of the new floors you would need or to send us a house floor plan. Don't you have a floor plan? No worries! We can visit your house to check the measurement. Simply call us 08 9244 1122.

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