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Q. What is the benefit of Solid timber?

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

A. Customisation is the most significant benefit of Solid timber floors.

You can choose timber grade; Select / Standard / Feature, and the coating product; Semi-gloss / Satin / Matt.

These aspects make your renovation or extension project handy when you want to match the existing solid timber floors and create a uniform look for the interior design.

Solid timber floors are also considered to add value to your property. It is because it can be re-sanded and polished, renewing the surface by removing most scratches and dents.

It can be pretty confusing as you will encounter many choices in Solid timber floors, but please do not be daunted yet, as our team will assist you.

Call us for a consultation with experts at Octagon Timber Flooring.

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Photo by Bethany Zwag on Unsplash


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